February offer 40% off your food bill when you dine in Sunday to Thursday!
February offer 40% off your food bill when you dine in Sunday to Thursday!

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Khilchiya Mini Papad

Indian crackers made with rice flour served with mint chutney


Coastal Mix (V) (VG)

A savoury mix of dried lentils & nuts


Plantain Chips

Sliced green plantain served with a tomato and chilli relish


Prawn 65

Not 65 prawns! Golden crisp prawns served with roasted tomato and chili dip


Chicken Pakoda Vepudu 

Crispy chicken marinated with Byadgi chilly, tossed with fennel flavoured caramelised onion


Potato Bonda Fritters

Crushed potato flavored with turmeric, carom seeds, and fresh coriander. Normally enjoyed as an evening snack by the beach


Vegetable Samosa

Medley of peas, carrots, sweetcorn, and potatoes in a thin filo pastry. Dip in coriander and mint chutney for the extra punch!


Beef Sukha Kothu Porotha

Slow braised brisket of beef, pulled, tossed with porotha, coconut, red onions, peppers and shaapu's spice.Hot but so worth it!


Bombay Ragda Potato Chaat (V)

A street food classic of potato and chickpea patty, crispy onions with a tantalising sweet, sour and spicy dressing


PFC Wings

Tossed with a honey and crushed red chilli glaze, so moreish


Squids Bezule

Batter fried squids laced with a tangy chili yogurt dressing, one of Mangalore’s famous street foods with a twist


Crispy Okra

Thinly sliced okra and onion dusted in mildy spiced chickpea and rice flour, served with a sprinkle of chat masala


Pork Choriz Chilly Fry (GF)

Goan spiced and cured pork sausage stir fried with red onions & potatoes. A must try!


Sharing Platter for 2

3 in 1 - PFC Wings, Kori Vepudu and Prawns 65


Sharing Platter for 2

3 in 1 - Potato Bonda, Vegetable Samosa and Crispy Okra


Boatman Fish Curry

A Keralan houseboat chef’s secret recipe - yellow curry flavored with mustard seeds, fresh curry leaves and ginger in velvety coconut cream


Pork Collar Vindaloo

Ours is a traditional recipe using Kashmiri chillies and malt vinegar to give it a nice spicy and sour flavor


Manglorean Chicken Gassi

One of Mangalore’s best-loved chicken curries spiced with locally sourced chilies and black pepper


Mai’s Butter Chicken

A definite crowd-pleaser but ours tastes extra special with gently barbequed chicken cooked in a deep and rich tomato sauce


Jackfruit & Sweet Potato Gassi (VG)

'A roasted coconut & chilli peppery curry with lotus stem


Aaji's Chick Pea and Potato Curry

A household staple enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Goan Prawn Curry

The family recipe that's gone down generations with fresh coconut ground with spices and cooked with tamarind


Kola Urandai Lamb Curry

Spiced lamb meatballs simmered in a tantalising aromatic curry


Home Style Green Chicken Curry

Home comfort food at it’s finest, chicken cooked with a blend of fresh green herbs in a creamy coconut milk


Lamb Xacuti

Slowly braised lamb leg cubes with roasted coconut, spices and mild curry powder cooked with potatoes


Paneer and Green Peas Makhani

Just one of the crowd-pleasers and not necessarily a coastal Indian curry in a creamy tomato sauce


Malabar Prawn Curry (GF)

Fiery and tangy curry flavoured with crushed fennel, black pepper and coriander seeds


Keralan Lamb Ishtoo

Yes it's a Stew ! Slow cooked lamb with cinnamon, star anise and root vegetables


Roasted Chicken Cafreal

A Goan delicacy - 1/2 chicken marinated for 36 hours with fresh herbs and a house spice mix. Slow-roasted, served on the bone with potato bhaji


Meen Polichottu

Kerala’s most loved, fish wrapped in banana leaf and roasted with Konkan coastal masala, served with dal tadka


Street Cart Beef Pepper Fry

Highway classic beef stir fry with varuval potatoes in a peppery sauce


Shetty's Grilled Salmon with Prawn Moilee (GF)

Lightly marinated and delicately grilled salmon and a lush fragrant curry with prawns served with string hoppers


Calicut Prawn Biryani

Prawns and rice with the distinct flavors of the South in a melange of spices, chilies and herbs


Karkari Biryani

Vegetables and rice cooked in freshly ground South Indian spices


Wholemeal Chappati

Delicately charred on an open flame


For 2

Gunpowder Potato Fries

Sprinkled with house spice blend and fresh coriander


Coconut Rice

Flavoured with fresh coconut, popped mustard seeds and split chickpeas


Steamed Rice

Simple, fragrant basmati rice


Butter Chicken Biryani

Smoked BBQ chicken morsels cooked in our famous butter chicken sauce with rice and finished off with pomegranate


Thalassery Lamb Biryani

Slow-cooked lamb and basmati rice with aromatic spices. It can be a meal in itself!


Malabar Porotha

Flat layered bread cooked on a griddle and brushed off with desi ghee


For 2

Beetroot Thoran

With crackled curry leaves, mustard seeds, and shredded coconut


Dal Tadka

Yellow and red lentils, tempering of garlic, curry leaves and cumin seeds


Lemon Rice

Flavored with turmeric, lemon juice, white lentils, ginger and mustard seeds



Crushed biscuits topped with an eggless custard and roasted cashew nuts



Traditional Indian ice cream, ask your server for flavours


Ice Cream

Choice of mango, coconut, seasonal flavours


Flat White Martini

Blend of kahlua and baileys with expresso and fluffy milk



A buttery layered cake with coconut milk and a hint of nutmeg served warm with vanilla ice cream


Chocolate Lava Cake

Warm cake with hazelnut ganache served with ice-cream


Duet of coffee and a dessert

Happy Ending - Coffee or Masala Chai and Coconut Serradura or Ice cream Bowl


Potyo’s Chicken or Fish and Chips


Baby Biryani with Vegetables


Mai’s Butter Chicken and Rice


Vegetarian dishes
Gluten free option available

FOOD ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCES: before you order your food and drinks please speak to our staff or scan the QR code on the right if you would like to know about our ingredients; we cannot guarantee that any food or beverage item sold is free from traces of allergens.